F-35 Post SDD Warfighting Enhancements

Marvin Test Solutions proactively looked beyond the Systems Design and Development (SDD) phase to the warfighting F-35 flightline and designed and developed enhancements to provide enhanced capabilities that are not required during SDD. In addition, MTS also designed and deployed an innovative D-level test set that is ready to serve as the I-level test set if any of the Services, Coalition Partner Nations, and other F-35 operators decide to implement more than two levels of maintenance for armament.

The F-35 Lightning II is the latest 5th Generation aircraft and has not yet begun Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E). Therefore, despite Lockheed Martin successfully meeting all of the F-35 Joint Program Office approved armament test requirements today during SDD, it is not apparent that the warfighting armament test gap will be closed during or after completion of IOT&E. With only a stray voltage/continuity O-level test set employed in the current sustainment plan, maintainers will be unable to detect several of the 1760 failure conditions until actual weapons are loaded on the aircraft. In addition, they will lack O- and I-level troubleshooting capabilities for the F-35’s sophisticated armament and weapons as there is no other armament test system planned for use outside of the depot since the F-35 program only calls for a two level maintenance concept. Previous attempts to establish only two levels of armament maintenance for legacy 4th and 5th generation aircraft have not been successful. Therefore, Marvin Test Solutions invested its own resources to be able to provide warfighting test enhancements if needed by F-35 operators.

Read the white paper, "F-35 Armament Maintenance and Sustainment Test, Looking Beyond the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) Phase to Warfighting," to learn:
  • About the MTS F-35 warfighting test enhancements already designed, developed, and fielded
  • That the MTS-3060 SmartCan™ will reduce the risk of mission degradation or failure by preforming functional testing of the 1760 interface prior to actual weapons are loaded
  • Marvin Test Solutions developed the highly successful, ultra-rugged MTS-235 F-35 depot level test set that is suitable to deploy as the I-Level Armament Test Set if F-35 users elect to implement greater than two level armament maintenance
  • The MTS-3060 SmartCan™ and MTS-235 Armament Test Sets are ready and available today for immediate deployment, and importantly, capable of supporting the United States Marine Corps 2015 F-35B IOC
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By Major General Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.)
CEO, Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.
Vice President, Strategic Development for The Marvin Group
and Mr. Loofie Gutterman
President, Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.
F-35 Armament Maintenance and Sustainment Test
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