Problems About Log
Li L.

Jan 26, 2014
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Problems about log

Hello,everyone. I have some problems about logs .
1. The font of messages  in the build log tag of ATEasy after building my project sometimes changes(size, bold or not)
2. My test log (html format) sometimes changes its font while I change nothing. I use the internal variable 'log', and assign it with an ALog control in a form.Sometimes I haven't changed my code but my test log appears some blank lines and a line full of "-" which I don't want. I don't know why.
3. I've ticked 'append scroll' in the property dialog box of a alog control ,but when running my program my test log (html format) can't scroll automatically when appending new test results.
Could anyone help me? Thank you very much!

Li L.

Feb 17, 2014
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Re: Problems about log

To make one of the question clear, I've made an example and print some pictures:
It's a problem about the log:
I want to print a html log with informations of company,project name,program name and so on,but there appears some unexpected lines below "Test Log"(see log_w.jpg,designated by a rectangle).
I've writen a html file with notepad, but there is no such problem(see try.html).
I created a simple project in folder "try3" to explain the problem. To run this propgram, you need to create a folder "lxf" in disk E and copy the folder "ate3" below.In this project, we can click "run" button to run the test, and click "InitP2" button to try another part of print whose contents is less and unexpected lines is less too.
I don't know the reason. It seems that the problem appears after I updated the ATEasy8 edition to Build 148c.
For when I build and run it in ATEasy8 version Build 146b,the test log is correct(see log_r.jpg).
Could anybody help me? Thanks a lot.

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Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Feb 19, 2014
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Re: Problems about log

I don't see the same issue on my computer, but it could be a localization issue.  Does the issue persist in ATEasy 9?

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