Independent Integrator Consolidates Resources

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Summary By Thomas M. Neal - September 2005


Support equipment capability and availability are frequently not primary issues facing recipients of new Military Systems - but they should be! Such support equipment is invariably provided as a part of the Military System field deployment - support equipment whose objective is narrowly defined, and sometimes exclusively focused on the one system, subsystem, or device. Unlike the Prime Contractor (who is motivated to support only their own products), an independent PXI Systems Integrator is sometimes able to consolidate test resources by broadening the mission of the support equipment. Utilizing COTS PXI technology, an Independent Integrator could expand the mission of a Bench-Top Maintenance Tester to include a family of applications, often including UUTs from multiple OEM suppliers, and ultimately save ground support and depot support organizations millions of dollars.

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Article Date 2/1/2010 12:30:27 PM

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