Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Based, Flightline Test Solutions

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Summary Historically, flightline testers have been based on proprietary architectures and have been purpose-built for a specific application. However, for today’s demanding flightline test applications, COTS - based solutions offer an attractive and flexible alternative – providing a wide selection of instrumentation and bus interface options that can address avionics and armament test needs on the flightline.
The flight-line test sets discussed in this paper are all based on a common core PXI (Compact PCI Extensions for Instrumentation). The platform includes a 14-slot PXI backplane. PXI is a modular card, rugged standard which can be used to achieve reliable performance under harsh operating conditions. Industry
standard PXI includes two form factors: 3U and 6U. While 3U is the more popular of the two and most PXI instrumentation is available in this form factor, many products including high-density switching and high performance digital are only available in the 6U form factor. Additionally, the PXI standard maintains full interoperability between 6U and 3U, allowing any 3U PXI module to be installed into any 6U PXI slot. For these reasons, the PXI core platform employed by these test sets offers both 6U and 3U PXI slots. Since 2004, PXI-based flight-line test solutions have been supporting a wide range of aircraft including the F-16, F-15, TA-50, FA-50, A-10, and MC-130.

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