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This year is already a busy one for Geotest. The company is pleased to announce the following items of interest.

Geotest Earns Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award World-renowned security and information technology (IT) company Lockheed Martin recently honored Geotest with the prestigious STAR Supplier Award. Awarded to suppliers who demonstrate outstanding product quality, punctual delivery, and cost competitiveness, the STAR Supplier Award is an honor for Geotest, which places a high priority on its commitment to customer service. You can read more about the award in Geotest's Press Releases Section.
STAR Supllier Award

Geotest and global innovator Pickering Interfaces have formed a Strategic Alliance program to offer more choices for designing PXI systems. Pickering’s array of PXI switching and signal-conditioning products is the perfect complement to Geotest’s digital-testing, system-integration and ATE software offerings. The Alliance’s first achievement is the launch of a new Web site, PXI4Test (http://www.pxi4test.com), where users can find a range of PXI products and simplify the process of selecting and designing a test system that perfectly meets their needs. For more information, read the entire press release.

Keep Up with Geotest on Facebook and Twitter
As part of its efforts to communicate and collaborate with its customers, Geotest has introduced four new means of interaction. Interested customers and associates can now keep up with the latest news about Geotest on Facebook (via the Geotest or ATEasy pages) or Twitter (via @Geotest or @ATEasy). Learn more by reading the Facebook and Twitter press release.

Geotest and affiliates invite you to join its team of experts at the following upcoming events.

F-16/Proven Aircraft Worldwide Review, September 13 - 17
Ogden, Utah
Booths: 162,163, & 164

The F-16/Proven Aircraft Worldwide Review (WWR) conference aims to foster international exchange and friendship in the pursuit of supporting military weapon systems around the world. The WWR will serve as a platform for contractors, US Government and International Partners to present the latest technologies, upgrades and offer services for aircraft sustainment.  The conference offers keynote speakers to highlight some of the major developments within the systems.

AUTOTESTCON, September 14 - 18
Orlando, Florida
Booth: 623

IEEE AUTOTESTCON is the United States' largest conference focused on automatic test systems for U.S. military systems, and has been held annually since 1965. The conference, whose general theme is The Support Systems Technology Conference, is held in varying cities around the U.S. each fall. Administered by a standing Board of Directors, the conference typically presents over 120 quality application-focused papers with over 250 exhibits, all focused precisely on the current issues facing military automated test.

For more information on these and other future events visit the events page on the Geotest website.
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