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Discover the Power of Parallel Test with ATEasy 8.0
At Munich's Electronica trade show, November 9-12, Geotest will be highlighting ATEasy 8.0, Geotest's newest release of its test executive and application development suite which now includes parallel test capability. With ATEasy 8.0, users can now easily execute multiple test programs in parallel, sequential, or mixed mode — offering better utilization of test system resources and improved test throughput. And unlike other concurrent test environments, ATEasy 8.0 presents the user with an intuitive user interface for controlling and managing all test sequences.

Other new ATEasy 8.0 features include:
Up to 12x improvement in test execution speed
Expanded test profile features

ATEasy 8.0
Support for scripting languages such as TCL, PERL, and SNMP
Support for 64-bit Windows operating systems
Enhanced debugging tools for analyzing exception conditions and events
New program development features, including warning notifications about unused variables and parameters and an improved build window

With all its enhancements and new capabilities, ATEasy continues to offer users the industry's most feature-rich and cost-effective software platform for test and measurement applications. And like all previous versions, is backward compatible with older versions. Visit the ATEasy 8.0 product page, or view ATEasy videos and tutorials to learn more about the product.

Expanded PXI FPGA Product Line
Geotest will also be showing its new line of logic interface expansion modules for its GX3500 FlexDIO PXI FPGA product. The GX3500, which can accommodate custom or standard expansion boards that plug in directly as mezzanine cards and do not require an additional PXI slot, can now be configured with different logic interface boards. The GX3501, GX3509, GX3510, and GX3540 provide multi-channel interfaces for LVTTL, differential TTL, mLVDS and ECL logic families respectively. The GX3501, GX3509 and GX3510 feature 80 I/O channels with each channel independently configurable as an input or output. The GX3540 features 20 input and 20 output ECL channels with a selectable termination to -2 V or -5.2 v. The GX3500 is also available preconfigured with an expansion board factory installed — providing users the convenience to order by a single part number.

New Digital Test Instrumentation
Geotest's newest PXI digital instruments, the GX5295 and GX5960, will also be exhibited at the show.

The GX5295 provides the highest performance and most features of any 3U PXI dynamic digital I/O board on the market and is a cost-effective solution for semiconductor test applications. The unit offers high performance pin electronics with per-channel programmability; a drive/sense voltage range of -2V to +7V; and 32 I/O channels, dynamically configurable on a per-channel basis. Each channel offers a parametric measurement unit (PMU), which provides users with the capability to perform parallel DC measurements on the device under test (DUT).

The GX5295 has 256MB of on-board vector memory with dynamic per-pin direction control and test rates as fast as 100MHz. The single-board design supports both master and slave functionality without the use of add-on modules.

Geotest's GX5960 50MHz digital subsystem represents a new level of capability and performance for PXI digital instrumentation. The unit's compact 6U PXI form factor provides a cost-effective compact device without sacrificing performance for system, board, and component test applications. The GX5960 features programmable high-voltage pin electronics (-10 V to +15 V) and a high-performance timing generator/sequencer with 256 time sets and 1ns per-pin timing resolution.

The GX5960 device also offers a per-channel PMU and analog bus access for each I/O channel, which provides hybrid channel (digital or analog) measurement capabilities. It provides real-time digital stimulus, record, or expect data modes on all I/O channels. The unit also offers two module configurations: the 32-channel GX5964 or the 16-channel GX5961, which offers guided probe support and static high voltage I/O.

The GX5295 and GX5960 come with waveform display and vector editing software as well as file import utilities, a virtual instrument panel, and 32-bit DLL driver libraries. The GX5295 is available as of October 15, and the GX5960 digital subsystem will be available November 1. Read the full product descriptions for the GX5295 and the GX5960.

For more information about all Geotest's ATE products, visit Geotest online, or contact your regional sales representative.
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