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Geotest has expanded its FlexDIO product line by adding a family of logic interface expansion modules for its GX3500 PXI FPGA product. The GX3500, which can accommodate custom or standard expansion boards that plug in directly as mezzanine cards and do not require an additional PXI slot, can now be configured with different logic interface boards. The GX3501, GX3509, GX3510, and GX3540 provide multi-channel interfaces for LVTTL, differential TTL, mLVDS and ECL logic families respectively. The GX3501, GX3509 and GX3510 feature 80 I/O channels with each channel independently configurable as an input or output. The GX3540 features 20 input and 20 output ECL channels with a selectable termination to -2 V or -5.2 v. Additionally, the GX3500 is also available preconfigured with an expansion board factory installed and designated as a GX36xx — providing users the convenience to order by a single part number.

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