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A: A key requirement for any PXI system is the need to identify all of the resources installed in a PXI chassis. This information is essential for developing and executing any test program. An easy way to scan the PXI chassis for system resources is to use Geotest’s HW device driver.
The Geotest HW driver includes libraries, the PXI/PCI Explorer configuration and display utility, and a VISA configuration utility that offers functionality similar to NI-MAX. The HW driver supports a multitude of Geotest and third-party PXI chassis and instrumentation. The driver can run on Windows 7 or earlier versions (e.g., Vista, XP) and is also compatible with 16-, 32-, and 64-bit Windows applications.

The HW driver is used with other tools to program and control a PXI instrument. One of your first steps must be to identify the instruments that are installed in your PXI chassis. Use the Geotest HW driver to complete this task by performing the following steps:
PXI/PCI Exporer
Geotest's PXI/PCI Explorer
Call the Initialize() procedure to access the HW driver procedures.
Use the PciGetSlotNumbers() procedure to return an array of PXI slot numbers whose instruments match your search criteria (e.g., vendor ID, device ID).
Use the PciGetSlotDevice() procedure to return to device information for the instrument in specified slot.

You can also use the PXI/PCI Explorer tool, which is included in the HW driver, to assign an alias to each instrument, for easier reference and display in the future.

For a more-detailed discussion about the Geotest HW driver or to access a list of HW driver files, library functions, and more, see the Geotest knowledge base article Q200192, What is the Geotest HW driver?
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