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Geotest - Test Connections July 2010

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Focus On
Avionics test engineers must conquer a variety of challenges and meet rigorous standards that typical commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) test platforms can't tackle. Integrated test systems provide the platforms needed for both commercial and military applications.
Avionics Test

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In the News
Geotest's outstanding product quality, punctual delivery and cost competitiveness recently earned it 'star status' from IT giant Lockheed Martin.
STAR Supplier

Geotest's strategic alliance with global innovator Pickering Interfaces offers more choices for designing PXI systems.

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Product Highlight
Geotest's GX5295 digital I/O puts PMU and digital and analog test into a surprisingly compact footprint — and offers market-leading functionality at an affordable price.

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Solution Spotlight
Geotest has created a unique, proprietary customer service interface that lets its staff create unparalleled solutions for even the most complex problems. Learn how to experience the M@GIC.
M@GIC Customer Service

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Did You Know?
Q: How Can I Collect Information About My PXI System and Instruments? Read on to learn more.
This Month's Knowledgebase Article
Want to learn about Automating Flight Line Testing for Proximity Sensor Maintenance Applications?
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