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The Geotest GX5295 dynamic digital I/O card, with its per-pin parametric measurement unit (PMU), offers test engineers a new level of capabilities and performance for component test applications. The GX5295’s combination of digital and analog test capabilities translates to a smaller and simpler test system footprint without sacrificing performance.

The product’s extensive capabilities and functionality also result in fewer test resources,  translating to lower total system costs. And when combined with the GX5295’s software tools, including support for importing WGL files, the GX5295 offers market-leading flexibility, efficiency, and affordability in one compact package.
GX5295 dynamic digital I/O card

The per-pin architecture of the GX5295 makes it the ideal choice for developing component test solutions that require a high degree of parallel, mixed-signal testing. The GX5295 offers:
256MB of vector memory; 64Mb per channel
Per-channel PMU
Expandability — can support as many as 256 digital/analog channels
-2 to +7 volts programmable I/O on a per-channel basis, including programmable terminations
Programmable output clocks and strobes, as well as support for an external clock and strobe; configurable clock frequencies and delays

Test flexibility
The GX5295 supports two digital test modes:
Stimulus/response, for driving and capturing data
Real-time compare, for comparing data in real time

The real-time compare mode can significantly reduce overall test times by comparing expected test results and logging only failed vectors and pass/fail results.

The board’s GTDIO/DIOEasy software package includes vector editing and conversion tools, a virtual instrument panel, and both 32- and 64-bit DLL driver libraries and documentation. An online help file and PDF user's guide provide instructions for installing, using, and programming the board.

Test engineers can use the virtual panel to interactively program and control the instrument and to view the instrument’s settings and status. Interface files support access to a variety of programming tools and languages:
Microsoft and Borland C/C++
Microsoft Visual Basic
Borland Delphi

The GX5295 offers 32 channels of digital and analog test capabilities in a single 3U slot configuration. With each channel providing 100 MHz digital test capacity, programmable logic levels (-2 V to + 7 volts), and a full-featured PMU, this single-board design supports master and slave functionality without requiring add-on modules. Until now, such features and flexibility were available only in expensive and proprietary Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems or through instrument multiplexing, which can be expensive and result in suboptimal solutions.  

For more information about the GX5295, visit Geotest online or contact your regional sales representative to learn more or to schedule a demo.
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