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At Geotest, quality means more than providing great products or saving customers money. As Geotest Customer Technical Services (CTS) department manager Dale Johnson explains, "Once the product goes out the door, our job is just beginning."
M@GIC Tech Support
One important tool in Geotest's efforts to provide top-of-the-line service is the My Account @ GeotestInc.com (M@GIC) support Web interface. Wherever Geotest customers are, they can access this interface 24/7 to log issues, submit questions, track product repairs, and more.

So easy, it's M@GIC
To use M@GIC, you must first create a customer account on the Geotest Web site. This is the same account that you can use to download drivers, data sheets, and so forth; there is no charge, and registration is fast and straightforward.

After the account has been verified, you'll have access to the M@GIC Web interface. There, you can review your account information, product licenses, and past support incidents, as well as enter new incidents.

Creating a new support incident is as easy as choosing from a few comprehensive drop-down lists and providing a description of the issue in your own words. The interface also provides a private FTP site, which you can use to provide further detail or to upload code that requires programming assistance.

You will receive an email notification that the issue has been logged and is being processed. Communications and alerts regarding the incident can also be sent to multiple support staff, both on the customer side and at Geotest. This process can help to prevent bottlenecks in the support process.

Freedom from worry
Customers can use the M@GIC interface to review past incidents. Each incident is assigned a color-coded flag that marks the incident status:
Pending Customer [action]

The tool keeps a private record of all support communications, visible only to Geotest and the client. "The data is maintained indefinitely," says Johnson, "so M@GIC also serves as a database of all the support you've done via the interface, for future reference."

You can also use M@GIC to submit materials to Geotest for repair or return and to track the status of such returns. "It's hard to keep everything in your head at one time," says Johnson. "One of the things that makes M@GIC such a nice tool is that it helps track multiple items, freeing your attention for other tasks."

Backed by expert support
Behind the M@GIC interface, Geotest's knowledgeable and diverse support staff work tirelessly to provide solutions.

"Our goal is to make the customer successful," explains Johnson. "It isn't uncommon for us to hear from customers who have one of our cards plugged into another vendor's chassis. If it turns out the problem isn't with our product but with another aspect of the customer's setup, we'll still assist in troubleshooting."

"It really is our goal to solve the problem," he continues, "wherever that problem might lie. We want our customers to be happy — not just with our products, but with the support that we provide. By and large, the buck stops here."

Always ready to listen
One of the biggest advantages of using M@GIC is the record of communications that it creates, giving both the customer and Geotest a permanent reference. Another benefit is that you can log issues right away, regardless of your time zone, so you can expect the fastest possible response from Geotest when you use the M@GIC interface. However, Johnson emphasizes that although Geotest encourages customers to use M@GIC for these reasons, you can always use more traditional lines of communication — telephone, fax, or email — if you prefer.  

To get started with M@GIC, create your online account. Or contact Geotest at 888-837-8297 for the best service and solution for your test challenge.
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