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New Software Updates
Geotest has recently released software updates for several PXI products as well as an update for ATEasy 8.0. A summary of these updates is listed below:
HW 4.5: New API for interrupts, support for MSI interrupts
GxChassis 2.0: Support for GX7100 trigger, fan, pitch/roll enhancements, panel UI enhancements, updated documentation
GXPS 3.0 – Geotest power supply enhancements: Fix timeout issues, updated calibration license support, support for LV real-time/Linux, updated documentation
GtDio6x 1.1 – GX5960 instrument: Support for new PMU function, support for CalEasy calibration, new calibration functions, GX7005/GX7015 support, updated  documentation
GtDio/DioEasy 4.1.54 – GX5295 instrument: Support for new I/O pin functions, support for per channel I/O control, GX5050 memory I/O fix, calibration API updates, documentation updates
GxFpga 2.1 – GX3700 instrument: Support for Stratix III EP3SL50F780C3N and the newer EP3SL70F780C3N, revised interrupt support, support for Linux and LabVIEW – Real Time
ATEasy 8.0 148: Major release, many v8 issues fixed with this release. If you are currently using v8, we recommend that you update to release 148.

Click here to download these updates.

New Product Brochure
Geotest has just recently introduced a new PXI Products Brochure which provides an overview of all of Geotest’s 3U and 6U PXI products as well as our software products including ATEasy, DIOEasy, DtifEasy, and WaveEasy. You can download the brochure here or if you would like a printed copy, please contact us.
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