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Geotest's GX5295 digital instrument with its per pin PMU is highlighted in the July issue of Test and Measurement World.

The article, "PXI Boosts IC Test," was written by Bill Bottoms from 3MTS and Mike Dewey, Geotest's senior product marketing manager. The article focuses on how the incorporation of PXI with other semiconductor test ATE can result in a test solution that offers significant savings compared to "big iron" ATE.

Two test applications are presented that compare the benefits of the incumbent tester to a PXI-centric test solution. In each case, attributes such as acquisition costs, power requirements and tester footprint associated with the PXI-based solution offer a significant advantage when compared to the closed system architecture of traditional IC test ATE.

For both applications, the solution relied on Geotest's GX5295 digital

The Model 3M20 combines PXI and proprietary instruments to minimize the cost of test for complex semiconductors
instrument, with its per pin PMU and DIOeasy software, to meet the digital test needs associated with the device under test.

The ability to support deep vectors with test rates greater than 20MHz, coupled with the need to characterize the device's DC parameters, were requirements all met by the GX5295. To learn more about these two applications, click here to read the complete article.

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