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Geotest's addition of four new logic interface expansion modules for its GX3500 FlexDIO Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) product line offers customers greater flexibility to create custom digital test instrument solutions. The GX3500 can accommodate custom or standard expansion boards that plug in directly as mezzanine cards and don't need an additional PXI slot. In addition, you can now configure the GX3500 with different logic interface boards.

Expanding functionality
Geotest's new GX3500 expansion modules provide multichannel interfaces for LVTTL, differential TTL, mLVDS and ECL logic families. Here is an overview of the new expansion modules:

GX3501 — 80 channel TTL buffer expansion board. Configurable direction on a per-pin basis.

GX3509 — 80 channel differential TTL expansion board. Configurable direction on a per-pin basis.

GX3510 — 80 channel mLVDS expansion board. Configurable direction on a per-pin basis.
GX3510 - 80 Channel mLVDS Buffer Expansion Board For GX3500

GX3540 — ECL expansion board featuring 20 differential inputs and 20 differential outputs with selectable terminations to -2 or -5.2 volts.

GX3571 — Video generator expansion board that supports VGA, composite and S-video formats.

By combining these expansion boards with the compact size and features of the GX3500, you can create highly integrated, single slot, 3U PXI instrument solutions. For your convenience, the GX3500 is also available preconfigured with a factory-installed expansion board, designated as a GX36xx, allowing you order with a single part number.

If you would like to take advantage of the extra functionality and convenience that these expansion modules provide, contact Geotest.

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