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DSI and Geotest have come together to produce an integrated tool set that offers a powerful design to test environment. By integrating DSI’s eXpress Diagnostics Tools with Geotest’s ATEasy test executive, users can reduce their production costs by using eXpress models to drive "smart" repair / diagnostic strategies as part of an ATEasy test program.  Using the eXpress Diagnostics as part of a repair / debug strategy offers users an automated diagnostics strategy (based on calculated testability performance characteristics) as part of a test and maintenance troubleshooting solution.

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With this integrated solution, you can simply "deploy" the analysis created with the eXpress Diagnostic Tools as part of your ATEasy test executive application, eliminating the time and effort associated with creating separate diagnostic instructions as well as eliminating the need to perform manual troubleshooting.

As shown in Figure 1, the ATEasy / eXpress tool environment offers users the option to use ATEasy’s test executive in conjunction with DSI’s Workbench for automatic or manual diagnostics. Alternatively, The eXpess Run-Time Authoring Tool can be used  with ATEasy’s automated fault analysis driver for diagnostics.

ATEasy And Express Integration

Figure 1: ATEasy / eXpress Tool Integration

Two videos are available that demonstrate how eXpress Diagnostics is integrated with ATEasy and DSI Workbench:
Viewing ATEasy Test Results within the DSI Workbench Environment

This video demonstrates how diagnostic sessions created within the DSI Workbench (based on diagnostic strategies developed in eXpress) can be automated using the test results from Geotest’s ATEasy Test Executive.
Populating ATEasy’s Fault Analysis Module with eXpress Diagnostics

This video demonstrates how Condition definitions in the ATEasy Fault Analysis module can be populated with diagnostic conclusions developed in eXpress, creating the maintenance / diagnostic messages for specific test results.

To view these videos click here.

To learn more about how ATEasy and DSI Workbench can improve your test and diagnostics process, please contact us.
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