Test Connections - February 2010
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Using PXI Digital Instrumentation for Video Test Applications
Verifying or characterizing video components and systems has always been challenging. Often, the testing of video interfaces has been done with special purpose "box" or card modular instrumentation which supports specific analog or digital interface standards. A solution that can be expensive and not overly flexible if you are looking to verify product performance beyond established parameters as well as verify how the product performs beyond established parameters - i.e. the product's ability to tolerate and recover from anomalies.

Using PXI Digital Instrumentation for Video Test Applications
In other instances it may be necessary to provide not only real-world images, but also generate images in a consistent, repeatable and deterministic manner - something that can not be achieved using a video source such as a camera or with off the shelf testers. However, using PXI digital test instrumentation such as Geotest's GX5280 or GX5290 series digital instruments in conjunction with test software and a digital video interface card can provide the flexibility to test a video interface beyond the performance boundaries of a normal video generator.

To learn more about using PXI digital hardware to build a cost effective and high performance digital video test solution that provides both video stimulus and measurement capabilities, download the whitepaper "Using PXI Digital Instrumentation for Video Test Applications".

Geotest Nominated for Best in Test & Test of Time
Several Geotest products have been nominated for Test & Measurement World magazine's Best In Test and Test of Time awards. The BIT nominees include the new Flex DIO FPGA PXI card, GBATS TS-720 system, and DtifEasy software. Receiving the TOT award nomination is ATEasy, which claimed T&MW's Best In Test award in 2001. Voting deadline is February 19, 2010. Best in Test 2009
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