Test Connections - March 2010
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Achieving the 'Tester in the Box' Solution
One of the important attributes of PXI is its small footprint which offers outstanding functional density - a term that describes the ability to pack high-performance functionality into a very small package. Since its introduction, PXI has delivered on the promise of offering high performance instrumentation in a compact form factor with today's systems now capable of supplying all of the required capabilities for a complete ATE system, including user power, performance analog and digital, and even an engineered mass termination interface.

By incorporating a compact, 3U/6U PXI chassis with modules that offer UUT power, high-performance digital and analog instrumentation, switching, as well as an engineered mass interconnect system for mating to an Interface Test Adapter, it is now possible to have a complete ATE solution based on single PXI chassis configuration.

Using PXI Digital Instrumentation for Video Test Applications
Building on this “tester-in-a-box” concept, Geotest has developed the Geotest Basic Automated Test System (GBATS) product line which offers users complete, preconfigured, functional test solutions for a variety of applications. The GBATS product line includes six preconfigured models with each offering a high density, test system interface as well as a range of standard instrument and switch options, allowing each system to be customized for a specific application without incurring the cost or lead time associated with custom test systems.
Using the GX5290's Digital Real-Time Compare
Testing dynamic digital devices involves the generation, capture and analysis of digital test vectors. For complex devices or memory devices, millions of vectors may be required to adequately test and verify these devices which can require significant test time. A faster way to perform these tests is to use the real-time compare feature which is available on the GX5290 series digital instruments. Using the GX5290's real time compare hardware, you can eliminate the need to acquire and analyze millions of test vectors, as the on-board hardware compares in real-time expected responses - returning only a pass-or-fail result as well as recording failures for the test sequence.
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