Test Connections - May 2010
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Geotest Introduces Groundbreaking PXI Digital Instrument with PMU

Representing a new level of functionality and capabilities for PXI digital instrumentation, Geotest has introduced the GX5295 which offers 32 channels of digital and analog test capabilities in a single, 3U slot configuration. Each channel provides 100 MHz digital test capability with programmable logic levels (-2 V to +7 V) as well as a full-featured parametric measurement unit (PMU) for characterizing a DUT's voltage and current parameters. Until now, these kinds of features and integration were only available in proprietary ATE test systems or by employing separate instrumentation with instrument multiplexing - resulting in expensive and sub-optimal solutions. PXI Digital Instrument with PMU

The cost-effective, per-pin architecture of the GX5295 makes it the ideal choice for developing no-compromise, low-cost, high-performance component test solutions or for any other test application requiring a high degree of parallel, mixed-signal test. And like our other GX5290 series instruments, the GX5295 supports both Stimulus / Response and Real-time Compare modes of operation, allowing the user to maximize test throughput for go / no-go testing of components and UUTs. The single board design supports both master and slave functionality without the use of add-on modules and can be expanded to support up to 256 digital / analog channels. Contact your regional sales representative to learn more about the GX5295 or to schedule a demo.

Instrument Driver Compatibility for Textual and Graphical Programming Environments

Did you know that Geotest-Marvin Test System, Inc. is committed to supporting a range of application development environments and drivers for its PXI product line? Starting with our initial introduction of PXI products in 1999, we have made it a product policy to support both textual and graphical programming environments. Instrument Driver Compatibility

For virtually all of our PXI products, it is standard policy to support drivers for a variety of development environments including ATEasy, Microsoft C and C++, Microsoft Visual BASIC, and National Instrument's CVI and LabVIEW products. For specific driver support, please feel free to contact our Customer Technical Services Team at 1.949.263.2222 or toll free at 1.888.837.8297.
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