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Geotest will be debuting a host of new products at IEEE Autotestcon 2010, September 13-17 in Orlando, Florida. Stop by our booth #623 and learn how these products can meet your ATE needs for digital and mixed-signal test applications.
GX5960 Dynamically Controlled, High-Speed Digital PXI Digital Subsystem
Geotest's GX5960 digital subsystem provides the highest performance level available for PXI-based digital instrumentation. Based on the EADS T964 architecture and offering equivalent functionality as well as additional capabilities, the GX5960 features programmable high-voltage pin electronics
(-10 V to +15 V) and a high-performance timing generator/sequencer with 1ns per pin timing resolution. The compact 6U form factor offers a cost effective, compact form factor without sacrificing performance for LRU and SRU test applications. In addition, the GX5960 offers a per-channel parametric measurement unit (PMU) and analog bus access for each I/O channel, which
GX5961 and GX5964
means each channel can support hybrid channel (digital or analog) measurement capabilities. The system supports as many as 528 bi-directional I/O channels and provides 256K of vector memory. The GX5960 comes with the DIOEasy software package, which provides vector editing, file import utilities, a virtual instrument panel, and 32-bit DLL driver libraries.

To learn more about the GX5960 or to request a demo, visit Geotest online or contact your regional sales representative.

GX5295 — Dynamic Digital I/O with Per Pin PMU PXI Card
Offering the highest performance and most features of any 3U PXI dynamic digital I/O board on the market, Geotest's GX5295 card is an efficient and cost-effective solution for semiconductor test applications. The GX5295 features a per-channel PMU and high-performance pin electronics supporting a programmable drive / sense voltage range from -2 V to +7 V. Each card offers 32 bi-directional digital channels and up to 256 digital channels can be configured as one domain. The GX5295 supports deep pattern memory by offering 256 MB of vector memory with dynamic per-pin direction control and test rates up to 100 MHz. With its single-board design, the card can support master and slave functionality without additional modules.
The board comes with Geotest's DIOEasy software package, which provides vector editing, file import utilities, a virtual instrument panel, and 32-bit DLL driver libraries.

If you're in the market for a compact, high-performance, affordable semiconductor or SoC test system, visit Geotest online or contact a  regional sales representative to learn more or schedule a demo of the GX5295.

ATEasy 8.0 — New Release of Geotest’s Test Development and Test Executive Software
Geotest is pleased to announce the release of ATEasy 8.0 — Geotest's integrated test executive and application development system. ATEasy 8.0 has been enhanced with many new features and capabilities to help you create and execute test programs faster and more efficiently. One of ATEasy’s major new features is the addition of parallel test which supports the testing of multiple UUTs in sequential, parallel, or even mixed mode — offering users the ability to better utilize their test system resources. Other new features include support for 64-bit Windows
ATEasy 8.0
operating systems; support for external scripting languages, such as Perl, TCL, etc.; new exception analysis tools; UI improvements; and faster test execution (up to 12x over previous versions). And like previous versions, ATEasy 8.0 offers backward compatibility with prior ATEasy versions. For a comprehensive description of all the improvements, visit Geotest online. You can also view ATEasy videos and tutorials to learn more about the product.

GX3500 Expansion Cards
Geotest has expanded the capabilities and features or the GX3500 FPGA PXI card by introducing a new family of expansion cards. The GX3500 is now available with several different mezzanine expansion cards which support various families of digital logic including LVTTL, differential TTL, mLVDS and ECL. When configured with one of these expansion cards, the GX3500 offers a compact, single slot FPGA based solution for addressing a variety of digital logic interfaces without the need for additional external boards, which can be cumbersome and physically difficult to integrate into a test system.

To learn more about the GX3500 or the available expansion cards, visit  Geotest online or contact a regional sales representative.

GX3617 — Video Generator PXI Card
The GX3617 programmable video generator card, which is based on Geotest’s GX3500 FlexDIO FPGA, provides an economical and flexible test solution for video product test applications. The card lets users generate video test images for displays or video processors. The GX3617 comes with a virtual instrument panel that you can use to interactively read and write to each register/channel on the board. Users can load .bmp images into the card's on-board image RAM. The card supports VGA, Composite, and S-video outputs and is compatible with a variety of programming languages including Microsoft and Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, LabVIEW and others.

If you're in the market for a cost-effective test solution for your video product test applications, contact a  regional sales representative to learn more about the GX3617.

GX1642 — 64 Channel Analog Output PXI Card
For ATE applications that require multiple analog outputs, the GX1642 PXI board is an ideal choice. The GX1642 builds on the architecture of the GX1648 and offers the highest density 3U PXI analog output card in the industry. Like the GX1648, the GX1642 offers 64 programmable output channels but features a wider voltage range from -20 V to +20 V – with an output current of +/- 10 mA per channel — making it ideal for automotive and industrial control applications. The GX1642 is organized into eight-channel groups with each group independently programmed and triggered. The card comes with a Windows 32-bit and 64-bit DLL driver, which can be accessed from various programming tools and languages. It also has a virtual control panel where you can interactively control the instrument and view its current settings.
Learn more about the GX1642 by visiting Geotest online.

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