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Geotest - Test Connections August 2011

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Focus On

By leveraging expertise in PXI systems and military electronics, Geotest has successfully developed a product portfolio that can help the Defense Department cost-effectively transform its maintenance and support needs for both flight line and depot tests.

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Product Highlight

A new high-performance Flex DIO FPGA card, available in both PXI Express (GX3700e) and PXI (GX3700), makes its debut at this year's AUTOTESTCON.
Product Highlight

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Solution Spotlight

At AUTOTESTCON 2011, Sept. 12-15, Geotest's Mike Dewey and DME/Astronics' Jim Ginn will present a paper that describes the development and features of a prototype system that downsizes VIPER/T and TETS platforms while it retains and even expands the current capabilities of the VIPER/T.
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In the News

Join Geotest at AUTOTESTCON 2011. This year's conference returns to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Find information about AUTOTESTCON and other news and events from Geotest.

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Looking to generate test applications faster? Open-architecture-based ATEasy is the answer. Download your no-cost 30-day trial today!
ATEasy can interface with and call external libraries such as DLL, .NET assemblies and ActiveX components. Learn how to debug a C/C++ DLL created in Microsoft Visual Studio and use a similar approach to debug libraries created with other development environments such as LabWindows/CVi.

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This Month's Knowledgebase Article
The ATEasy Crash Analysis Tool replaces the default Windows exception window. When an application crashes, the ATEasy Exception Window provides a snapshot of information at the moment the exception was generated, giving you essential log information for bug tracking and application debugging.

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