Test Connections

Geotest will be introducing two new products at AUTOTESTCON 2011, Sept. 12-15.

GX3700e and GX3700 High-Performance FlexDIO FPGA Cards
Available as a standard PXI or PXI Express module, these new cards feature Altera Stratix III devices, support I/O data rates > 700 megahertz and SerDes rates up to 1.2 GB/s. Both cards support data streaming/DMA capability. The GX3700e supports data transfer rates of over 800 MB/s with an x4 PCIe interface.

Like Geotest’s other FPGA cards, the GX3700 and GX3700e feature module expansion boards, allowing users to create their own specialized interfaces. And to ensure signal integrity, the I/O connectors are part of the interface module.

Users can program the GX3700/GX3700e by using Altera’s development tools including Altera’s free, web-based Quartus II design tools. Software drivers are provided that support a wide range of application development interfaces including ATEasy, C, LabWindows, LabVIEW and Linux.

If you can't find a testing solution that meets your needs, Geotest will build it for you. Geotest can customize a testing solution for you.
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