Test Connections - December 2017

Employee Recognition

The Pursuit of Excellence
Recognition is a core value at Marvin Test Solutions, so we developed a program to recognize the exceptional work of individuals and teams throughout the organization. The name reflects the way we approach each day, each product, and each customer: The Pursuit of Excellence.

We believe that people should be recognized for their contributions every day, but it's also important to acknowledge and reward the individuals and teams who have gone the extra mile to make MTS and our customers successful.

Any Marvin Test Solutions employee can nominate others at any time. Award winners are announced at monthly all-hands meetings, with awards given at four levels:
MTS Pursuit of Excellence Awards

  • Spotlight - The Spotlight award recognizes individuals and teams that make an extraordinary effort in performing their job.
  • Achievement - The Achievement award is announced quarterly to recognize individuals and teams for making significant, lasting contributions to our success.
  • New Heights - The New Heights award annually recognizes the best of each year's Achievement award winners.
  • Summit - The Summit award is given to the one New Heights award winner who exemplifies the true spirit of the program.

All winners receive a monetary award, in the form of either a gift card or cash, as well as preferred parking in our always-busy parking lot. Spotlight and Achievement award winners receive a commemorative MTS coin. Achievement, New Heights, and Summit award winners also receive a framed award or trophy. New Heights and Summit award winners receive complimentary time off.