Test Connections - March 2018

Consolidating Test Resources for Avionics Production Test

A Unique Test Challenge
The manufacturing and test of avionics products for military and commercial aircraft presents a unique set of requirements and challenges. A common test platform and consolidation of test resources facilitates development and long-term support of complex, high-value assemblies.

Manufacturers of avionics products are constantly challenged to develop, manufacture, and maintain / service a diverse range of avionics products, including aircraft data acquisition and recording systems, navigation / communication solutions and aircraft network systems. These types of products which are deployed on virtually all commercial aircraft in operation today require rigorous functional testing as well as a robust test data collection system to ensure overall system reliability and traceability. Additionally, the long product life cycles for avionics products (typically more than 20 years for service and support) requires that the associated test systems be maintained and supported which can be both technically and financially challenging.

Avionics Tester
A Common Core Solution
To address the test requirements associated with these products, a major supplier of avionics products adopted the PXI platform as the core platform for their manufacturing test solution. Because of its broad variety of instrumentation providing test engineers with the flexibility to build and easily reconfigure a compact, small footprint test system, the design team selected Marvin Test Solutions’ GX7100 PXI chassis, instrumentation and ATEasy® software to provide the basis for their manufacturing test systems. With over 95 test systems deployed for both production and service applications, both current and future generation products can be addressed using a common core system.

Previous generations of test stations based on custom or proprietary architectures would have taken years to develop, but by selecting a commercial off the shelf (COTS) platform as the core component, the system design could be completed in a few months.  Standardizing not only on a hardware platform but also on an integrated test executive and test development software platform enabled the development and deployment of multiple test solutions, resulting in a significant increase in test program development productivity with an equally significant reduction in test program deployment time and cost.

To learn more about the benefits of selecting a common core platform for development, production, and support applications, visit marvintest.com to read the complete article.