F-15 Beercan Test Set
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Armament Circuits Preload Test Set

  • Dual channel capability allows independent or simultaneous operation
  • Rugged, all-weather chassis
  • Designed for convenient, one-handed application
  • Cost effective OEM replacement


The ACPTS “Beercan” is a flight line tester incorporating voltage detectors, circuit selectors, dummy connectors, and cable assemblies. Completely compatible in shape, form, and function to OEM units, the ACPTS is an inexpensive substitute to the voltage detector and circuit selector units (W9A1 & W12A1).


Capable of dual channel operation, the Beercan test set checks for open conditions in cables, responds to external stimuli to detect the presence of stray voltage, and jettisons active tests on weapons systems interfaces. The Beercan’s voltage detector, which is the primary component in the unit, contains dual channels that can operate independently or simultaneously.

Designed to be easily operated with a single hand, the Beercan’s operating controls are located on the front panel. The durable aluminum chassis has protective shields that extend beyond the front and rear panels to provide protection for the front panel controls and for the rear panel connector. The Beercan is also watertight.

The Beercan’s onboard microprocessor performs complex control functions that execute test commands and then provide feedback. The unit’s circuit selectors act primarily as switching units for the selection of specific weapon test parameters, which are in turn evaluated by the voltage detector. The circuit selectors also provide weapon simulation, signal conditioning, and signal stimuli.


  • Flightline test
  • Weapons simulation