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This product is obsolete and no longer Available.

Geotest Digital & Analog Test System (GDATS) Platform

  • Cost effective, mixed-signal, PXI - based test platform for depot level test applications
  • High-performance ATE in a single-bay configuration
  • Supports both 3U and 6U PXI modules
  • 50 MHz, high voltage (-10 to +15 volt) high performance digital subsystem
  • Core system includes the high density MAC Panel Scout wireless receiver interface
  • Compact footprint – configurable for rack, mobile, or bench top configurations
  • Built-in-test and self-test


The PXI-based TS-250 is a mixed-signal test platform for depot andMRO applications - providing similar functionality and performance as VXI based test systems such as the ESTS, VDATS, and RT-CASS platforms, but at a much lower cost. The GDATS platform offers a wide selection of digital, analog, and avionics interface modules – providing users with the flexibility to configure the platform for specific test andrepair applications. The TS-250’s core platform is based on Geotest’s GX7005A 6U PXI chassis and features an integrated MACPanel Scout receiver – supporting up to 8000 I/O connections and offering a compact, single chassis solution for functional test applications. The core system includes a Windows-based embedded controller, digital instrumentation, analog instrumentation, switching, user power, a touch screen monitor, and built-in keyboard / mouse – all contained within a single rack. A variety of options are also available for the GDATS platform including system power controllers, additional PXI chassis, and a wide selection of digital, analog, and avionics PXI modules. Additionally, the system can be configured with a variety of AC / DC sources and electronic loads. GDATS is an open-architecture platform and supports any Windows-based software and as an option, is available with Geotest’s ATEasy software, which provides an integrated and complete test executive and test development environment, allowing users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications.


The TS-250’s core system offers baseline mixed signal test capabilities. Starting with the core system, users can then select from a list of standard test resource options in order to configure the GDATS platform for their specific test needs.

TS-250 Core System
The core system includes the following features and capabilities:
  • GX7005A 20-slot, PXI chassis with (19) 6U peripheral slots. The chassis offers an integrated Scout receiver as well as high voltage power supplies to support the digital instrumentation.
  • GX5055 high performance digital instrument, providing 32 channels per card with per pin attribute programmability. Up to 16 cards can be installed in one GX7005A chassis which sets the maximum digital configuration of GDATS at 512 channels.
  • GX7920 Embedded controller with Windows XP
  • GX6315 7A switch card
  • GX6616 high density switch matrix card
  • GX7400A, 300W, dual channel, user power supply
  • SMX 2044 6.5 digit DMM
  • High density, 8000 I/O Scout receiver with integral direct access adapters, providing a reliable and high performance wireless interface from tester instrumentation to the tester’s receiver interface.
TS-250 Avionics Options
The GDATS platform offers a variety of instrumentation options for avionics applications including:
  • MIL-STD 1553 interface – support for up to 8, dual redundant interfaces
  • ARINC429 interface – support for up to 64 channels
  • Synchro / Resolver – 2 or 4 channel configurations
TS-250 Analog  Instrument Options
Analog source and measure options for the TS-250 system include:
  • GX1110 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator (100 MS/s, 12-bit)
  • GX1120 Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator(200 MS/s, 16-bit)
  • GX2472 Dual Channel Digitizer
  • GTX 2200 series Counter / Timer
  • GX1838 multi-channel voltage source
  • GX1034 Calibration Reference Standard
  • GX1648 High-Density D/A Card (64 channels)
In addition, a wide range of 3rd party PXI, cPCI, and GPIB instruments can be integrated into the test system to meet specific test needs.

TS-250 AC / DC Source and Load Options
AC and DC sources as well as electronic load options include:
  • Elgar ReFlex RFP mainframe, configurable with high or low power DC modules (6 kW maximum DC load per mainframe)
  • Elgar ReFlex RFP mainframe, configurable with single, dual, or triple slot load modules (6 kW maximum DC load per mainframe)
  • Pacific Power, 3 phase AC source, 320 ASX
Additional System Options
  • Master Power Controller- 3U rack mount assembly provides power distribution and control for all AC system power. Features include emergency power off (EPO) functionality, branch circuits and primary power circuit breakers.  Input power configuration: 3 phase, 30 A / phase, 208 / 110 VAC
  • PXI chassis and remote controllers
  • Various rack configurations – half to full height, mobile or dual rack configurations for very high-density applications

System Self-Test

The TS-250 is delivered with a system self test which includes an interactive self-test software procedure as well as a self-test adapter. The self-test verifies functional integrity of the system and resource connections to the test system interface.


  • LRU and SRU test and repair
  • Depot repair of avionics modules and systems
  • Bench top avionics testing for MRO facilities