Unhandled Exception Memory Access Violation
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Cyril P.
Meung Sur Loire, France

Oct 18, 2012
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Unhandled exception memory access violation


I am using ATEasy 8 (build 148) under Windows 7 32bits and I have a crash of Ateasy when I quit the executable or when I start again my project in dev mode.
I found the problem is caused by the use of my IO module hardware. It seems that the resource is not release when I stop my program.
I already use this IO module under Ateasy 8 and WinXP without problem. The same program doesn't crash on WinXP.
I have contact the supplier of the IO module and he told me that it is working under Win7.
Indeed, I have tried his demo program provide with the dll and no problem.

I have update Ateasy 8 with the last build 148b: no change, still crash.
Here is the error event.
Unhandled exception at 0x77132c39 in C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll : Memory access violation 0xc0000005
Thread (Current and not ATEasy) ID=0xdd8, Handle=0xfffffffe
    Internal Call Stack
            RtlFreeHeap [Address = 0x77132c39, Offset = 0x3f]
            HeapFree [Address = 0x759ac3d4, Offset = 0x14]
            free [Address = 0x72b54c39, Offset = 0xcd]
            CAFString::~CAFString [Address = 0x13385793, Offset = 0x13]
            CAArray::Serialize [Address = 0x132ab6f5, Offset = 0x5e5]

Thanks for your support.

Cyril P.
Meung Sur Loire, France

Oct 18, 2012
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Re: Unhandled exception memory access violation

I have continued my investigation and found the following:
- as I said before, my project works fine under Ateasy 8 build 148 and Windows XP SP3; in dev mode and executable file
- I've execute the build created under WinXP on the Win7 tester and it works fine too: no issue!

So, the same project crash only if build on Win7 or executed in dev mode.

Hope this helps.

Albert Q.
Anaheim, CA

Oct 18, 2012
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Re: Unhandled exception memory access violation

Hi Cyril,

The problem could be caused by the DLL was not unloaded before the thread that has loaded the DLL is terminated (the IO module DLL may needs to release its resources from the same thread that loaded the DLL).
You can force unload the DLL before the running thread ended by adding UnloadLibrary 'DllLibrary' statement to the OnEnd() event of the driver containg the library (where DllLibrary is the name of IO module library). Please see UnloadLibrary help topic for more details info.

Let me know if this works.


Cyril P.
Meung Sur Loire, France

Oct 19, 2012
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Re: Unhandled exception memory access violation

Hi Albert,

thanks for your help but it didn't fix my problem. Still the same error. The UnloadLibrary doesn't change anything.

I tried again another project builded under WinXP and this one crash under Win7.
So my previous reply is not completely true: a build created on WinXP could crash under Win7.


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