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White Paper: Presentation: Leveraging the PXI Modular Architecture for Semiconductor ATE Platforms

This presentation focuses on the benefits of the PXI platform for semiconductor test applications.

Combat Helicopters and Armament Test

This paper examines the evolution of rotary wing aircraft and the challenges of ensuring readiness of the...

White Paper: Using IEEE 1149.1-2013 (JTAG) with ATEasy

This paper provides an overview of how ATEasy can be used to support JTAG / 1149.1 based instrument contr...

GXFPGA On-Line Help

27 December 2016 2.3.6

GtDio6x (GX5296, GX5961, GX5964) Software

19 December 2016

GtDio6x (GX5296, GX5961, GX5964) Read Me

19 December 2016

GX3700/GX3700e User's Guide

16 December 2016 2.3.6


GENASYS 75 Ohm RF Multiplexer Switch Card, (4) 2 x 16 Multiplexers


GENASYS Switching Subsystem with SCOUT 6U Receiver


GENASYS Switching / Digital Subsystem with SCOUT 6U Receiver


Dynamic Digital I/O with Per Channel Timing, Programmable Logic Levels and PMU PXI Card