Problems About .exe File
Li L.

Jan 17, 2014
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problems about .exe file

Hi,everyone.I need your help.
When run in the ATEasy development environment, my program has no error. But when I run the .exe file generated by ATEasy, there would be an error msgbox showing that there is something error. After clicking 'OK' button , an ATEasy exception box appears.
I've printed several screens,copied message from system application error reports, and uploaded my project.
Will any experts help me? Thank you very much!

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Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Jan 22, 2014
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Re: problems about .exe file

The error windows indicate where the error occurs, which seems to be when you load frmWaitImage.

You can confirm this by putting a breakpoint on the function_ihm.drv procedure Output_WaitBoxStart(), line 6: "load frmWaitImage, False" and then stepping over that line to see if the crash occurs at that point.

I noticed that the first thing that you are doing is to call Execute_FormTopMost().  Do multiple forms call this same procedure?  Are they actively competing to be the window that is in focus?

-Victor Brode

Li L.

Jan 25, 2014
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Re: problems about .exe file

Hi, Victor Brode.Thank you for your suggestion.
But it seems no use to set a breakpoint on the function_ihm.drv procedure Output_WaitBoxStart(), line 6: "load frmWaitImage, False" ,because there isn't error when running in ATEasy development environment. Errors only occurs when run .exe file outside.
I simplified the project more and add some codes like ‘MsgBox("xx")’step by step to find where the error occurs when run the .exe file. By line 4 of the procedure 'StartingTests' of driver 'Edition_config',I know there is a runtime error "419" which means the error is "Object is null". Finally I found the ".exe" file error occurs in line 2 of the procedure 'Output_WaitBoxStart' of driver 'fonction_ihm'. The code of this line is "if(frmWaitImage <> nothing)"."frmWaitImage" is a public variable of type "frmWaitImage" here.
Does it mean that error occurs when ATEasy create an object of "frmWaitImage"? What should I do?
It seems that there are some unstable factors, for sometimes when I run my program inside ATEasy , I will be told that a dll file is not found, but when I exit ATEasy and try again, no errors occurs; sometimes when I run my program inside ATEasy, an error about sharing occurs(see attachment 'ATEasysharing_error.bmp').
I use the ATEasy8 build148c edition. I've downloaded the 'ATEasy9.-150d.exe' file whose size is 35.5MB, but when I tried to install it,an error occured(see attachment 'ATEasy9Error.bmp'). The operating system is Windows XP professional Version 2002, service pack 2.
Thank you again for your advise.Best wishes!

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Solution Available
Li L.

Jan 26, 2014
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Re: problems about .exe file

I can run exe file outside now.It's something wrong about the variable log.

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