Use Of ATEasy and Ballard Technology Copilot Software
Guy B.

Feb 4, 2009
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Use of ATEasy and Ballard Technology Copilot Software

Do you know if somebody has already integrated the use of Ballard Technology Copilot Software suite within Ateasy 7.0. Are both compatible? Thank you for your reply. Best Regards. G. Berwart

Amit G.
Irvine, CA

Feb 4, 2009
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Re: Use of ATEasy and Ballard Technology Copilot Software

I am not aware of any customer specifically using the Copilot suite (although it might have happend without me knowing) with ATEasy but it is possible. Copilot supports OLE Automation through a COM interface. This means that ATEasy can import the Copilot active X object and control the operation of Copilot externally. You will be able to instantiate objects in ATEasy that will allow Copilot functionality in your ATEasy test code.

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