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In-System Calibration Software for GTX2210, GTX2220 and GTX2230 revision C and above counter / timers. Does not support GC22xx or GTX22xx cards prior to revision C. The calibration requires an external reference signal of 10MHz ±0.01PPM sine wave with amplitude of 1±0.3 Vrms into 50 ohms and less than -35dB total harmonics distortions.

Software and License

The calibration software is part of the GXCNT software and the user requires a license (GXCNT-CAL license) to work. Once the GX92605 is purchased, contact Marvin Test Solutions for a license, you will need to provide the serial number (found on the purchased order) and the computer ID (displayed in the GXCNT panel). See the GXCNT user guide (chapter 5) for a complete description of the calibration process and how to obtain a license.