Semiconductor Test Systems

Proven 5G mmWave multi-site production test performance to 44 GHz

GENASYS Semi 5G mmWave test systems provide production proven 44 GHz signal delivery to the device under test and independent, non-multiplexed multi-site test performance up to 53 GHz.

The flagship TS-900e-5G combines gap-free RF measurements with a high-performance receiver interface to achieve unrivaled production test throughput for packaged and wafer mmWave devices.

A novel soft and hard dock interface solution streamlines integration, and provides compatibility with industry leading wafer probe stations and packaged device handlers.

Its modular, open platform architecture delivers exceptional flexibility when faced with changing test needs, simplifying digital, analog and RF test resource expansion and updates.

GENASYS Semi delivers a full suite of digital and parametric test capabilities, advanced software tools, and a SPI / I2C interface for controlling and monitoring the device under test.