ATEasy Application Module Events Sequence

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Summary Lists the sequence in which ATEasy application module events execute.

The following list represents the sequence in which ATEasy application module events execute:

system: OnInit
drivers: OnInit (from start to end)
system: OnInitSystem
system: OnInitProgram
drivers: OnInitProgram
program: OnInit
system: OnInitTask
drivers: OnInitTask
program: OnInitTask
system: OnInitTest
drivers: OnInitTest
drivers: OnEndTest
system: OnEndTest
drivers: OnEndTask
system: OnEndTask
system: OnEndSystem
drivers: OnEnd
system: OnEnd

Note drivers are called : for InitXXX from top to bottom for EndXXX from bottom to start)

Abort Sequence:
system: OnAbort
program: OnAbort
drivers: OnAbort
system: OnAbort

Reset sequence: first call abort sequence if running that execute reset procedure than zero variables, then:
program: OnReset
drivers: OnReset
system: OnReset

Error sequence:
source module: OnError
program: OnError
drivers: OnError
system: OnError

See Also: ATEasy ModuleEvents.prj located in the ATEasy examples folder.
Article Date 3/30/1999
Keywords ATEasy, Module Events

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