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ATmate: Integrating a Data Analysis Tool with ATEasy

An overview of how to Integrate ATEasy with ATmatev (from Innogia Technologies), a database based solutio...

White Paper: Addressing Legacy ATE System Requirements with PXI

An overview of how the PXI architecture, associated instrumentation and software can provide the basis fo...

White Paper: A Portable, Engineering-Design Partnership to Replace Obsolete Test Systems

To address the need to replace obsolete support equipment for the USAF’s A-10 aircraft, the USAF's 309th ...


6½ Digit DMM / Digitizer PXI Card


4 Port RS-232 & 4 Port RS-422 Interface cPCI Card

GX3903 Series

3 Port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Interface cPCI Cards


High Voltage Dual Channel Digitizer PXI Card