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ATmate: Integrating a Data Analysis Tool with ATEasy

An overview of how to Integrate ATEasy with ATmate (from Innogia Technologies), a database based solution...

White Paper: Addressing Legacy ATE System Requirements with PXI

An overview of how the PXI architecture, associated instrumentation and software can provide the basis fo...

White Paper: A Portable, Engineering-Design Partnership to Replace Obsolete Test Systems

To address the need to replace obsolete support equipment for the USAF’s A-10 aircraft, the USAF's 309th ...

GxDmm (GX2065) Software

15 December 2014 2.2

GxDmm (GX2065) ReadMe.txt

15 December 2014 2.2

GtDemo Software (GT98901)

25 November 2014 1.1

GtDemo Software Read Me

25 November 2014 1.1

GX7927 Series

6U i7 PXI Controller


6½ Digit DMM / Digitizer PXI Card

GX7200 Series

21 Slot, 3U PXIe Chassis


GENASYS Switching Chassis with SCOUT 6U Receiver