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Q. What kind of licensing does ATEasy have?

A. ATEasy has two types of licenses: Single-User and Network. A Single-User license is installed on one computer and allows you to use ATEasy on that computer. A Network license is installed at a network server and allows users to work from any computer connected to that network limited to the number of licenses that have been purchased (concurrent license).

Q. Can I distribute my ATEasy application?

A. Yes. ATEasy applications compiled to EXE file are Royalty-Free. You will have to install the ATEasy run-time on each machine that the executable will run.

Q. Will my license work with any version of ATEasy?

A. Licenses are purchased for a specific version of ATEasy only and will not work with newer versions of that product.

Q. I bought a license for version 3.0, Can I use version 4.0 with that license?

A. No, You cannot. You must purchase a subscription or an upgrade. Subscriptions can only be purchased within 90 days of the original product purchase. Upgrades can be purchased at any time.

Q. I bought a license for version 6.0, Can I use version 4.0 with that license?

A. Yes, You can. A license for specific version support ATEasy v3.0 and newer up to the version of the license purchased. For example if your network license server have a 7.0 license, client can run version 3.x-7.x.

Q. What does one year subscription provides?

A. The one year subscription & support provide one full year of free technical support as well as one full year of free upgrades. With subscriptions you will get a new license if an upgrade to the product is release during that year. In general, we release new major upgrade (that requires new license) at least once a year.

Q. If I did not buy a subscription and a new version has been released, Can I buy subscription to upgrade my license?

A. You can buy subscriptions only within 90 days of the date you originally purchased the product. After that you must buy an upgrade to get license for the new version.

Q. If I did not buy a subscription, can I still use ATEasy?

A. Yes, You can still use ATEasy with the version that you have purchased with no subscription.

Q. When I buy an upgrade, can I buy a subscription to keep me up-to-date for a year?

A. Yes, You can. Once purchased, you will receive one full year of upgrades and support from the date you have purchased the upgrade.

Single License

Q. What kind of single-user license is available for ATEasy?

A. ATEasy is offered with either a Hardware Key, or a Software Key Licenses. Hardware licenses use a device that plugs to the computer's Parallel or USB ports to provide the license. Software Licenses use a string of characters that are entered into the ATEasy License dialog box (located under the About ATEasy dialog).

Q. Can I move the key or transfer the license from one machine to another?

A. Yes you can. Hardware keys can be moved from one computer to another by unplugging the device and plugging it into another computer. Software keys can be also transferred to another machine (up to three times) by requesting a license transfer from Marvin Test Solutions (by requesting it using your M@gic/support account), this process involved terminating the license (see Q200060) and installing a new license obtained from Marvin Test Solutions (see Q200089) .

Q. I've purchased several copies of single-user license. Can I buy subscriptions for part of my single-user licenses?

A. Yes you can. However, only the licenses with subscriptions can be upgraded when a new release is available as the upgrade is by serial number.

Network License

Q. What is the minimum number of licenses allowed with network license?

A. 3 or more. You cannot purchase a network license with one of two licenses.

Q. Can I buy subscription for part of my Network licenses?

A. No you cannot. Subscriptions for network licenses must be purchased for all licenses that are included in that network license.

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