Chart zoom not working good?

John K.

Jul 12, 2011
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Re: Chart zoom not working good?

Hi there! I've found the ZoomEnabled option for a chart control, but it's not very efficient (actually, it's not zooming like it should - when I left-click on my chart, the plotted points dissapear..). It's there another way to zoom on my chart control? Some sort of dividing the whole chart size into 4 or 9 regions, zooming one region to the whole chart size when it is clicked? Or, can I zoom on each axis? For example if I want the X axis to be zoomed an Y to remain unchanged, or vice versa. Has anyone met with this issue?

Alex J.

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Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Jul 12, 2011
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Re: Chart zoom not working good?

Hi Alex,

One way to create a more customized zoom is by manually manipulating the axes Min and Max properties.  You can use the chart's OnMouseDown Event to achieve this.  Here is an example:

Procedure cht1.OnMouseDown(nButton, nShift, x, y): Void Public    ! Occurs when the mouse button is pressed over the object.
    nButton: Val Short
    nShift: Val Short
    x: Val Internal.APixel
    y: Val Internal.APixel
    if nButton=aMouseButtonLeft  ! Zoom in
    elseif nButton=aMouseButtonRight ! Zoom out

Victor Brode

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