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Universal O-Level Armament Tester for Maverick Systems

  • Flightline test / simulation of the Maverick Missile System with troubleshooting capabilities
  • Lightweight, hand-held
  • Video signal generation to aid in troubleshooting AGM-65 video issues
  • Unrivaled cybersecurity protection for platforms and weapons systems
  • Simplified logistics, training and maintenance support
  • Simultaneous, continuous monitoring of up to (6) Squib firing circuits
  • Supports standard operation of legacy SERD 75060, 75501, A/E24T-199 and -198 test sets
  • Aircraft platforms: F-35, F-22, F/A-18, F-16, F-15, TA-50, FA-50, F-5, Hawk, RPA + more


The MTS-3060A SmartCan™ Gen2 is the most advanced flightline test set available, capable of testing all Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) and Aircraft Armament Equipment (AAE) including pylons, launchers, bomb racks, and pods. Unlike other flightline test sets, the SmartCan is capable of performing all pre-load and functional checkouts through weapons emulation. Addressing an armament test gap that exists across legacy 4th and 5th generation aircraft equipped with “smart” weapon technology (MIL-STD-1760), the MTS-3060A enables support for any platform and any “smart” or legacy armament system.

This innovative hand-held instrument incorporates over 30 measurement channels, electronic loads, communications interfaces (MIL-STD-1553, MMSI, Ethernet, CAN Bus, RS-485), dedicated/continuous multiple squib circuit monitoring, and audio/video signal generators to deliver functionality typically associated with much larger test sets, such as the SERD-75501 and the A/E241-199, in a package that weighs just 4.2lbs.

Unlike legacy test systems that are only capable of performing stray voltage and continuity tests, the SmartCan's measurement capability alleviates the need for multiple test sets when evaluating armament systems with multiple squibs (MAU-12, MAU-50, LAU-117, etc.). Simultaneous testing of multiple squib signals, combined with a unique cross-fire algorithm, delivers signals and a robust test process that is superior to all O-Level test sets in service today.

While incorporating advanced capabilities to support new and increasingly complex weapons systems, the MTS-3060A maintains full backwards compatibility with legacy testers, preserving investments in cables and adapters.

Currently deployed in 12 countries, and in use by the USAF as a smart weapons simulator for JDAM and AMRAAM, the SmartCan has repeatedly demonstrated significant reductions in field setup and test times.

Log files for each weapon can easily be moved or copied to a computer for printing and predictive maintenance analysis. Alternatively, data can be accessed via a removable SD card; this feature is especially important when failures occur and the availability of data for further analysis is critical to facilitate timely repair of the aircraft.

Advanced cybersecurity features and protections further differentiate the SmartCan, making this the most cyber-secure O-Level test set available. Data encryption, Test Program Set (TPS) development environment control, and removable SD storage all contribute to the security of this test set.

AGM-65 Maverick Missile

The MTS-3060A AGM emulates all AGM/TGM-65 missile sequences required for comprehensive Maverick armament system test, including video and squib lines. Preconfigured with software and interface/adapter hardware specific to the AGM-65, the SmartCan implements the same process as a live fire event, including missile launch. Unlike all other pre-load and functional checkout testers, the SmartCan supports both the traditional LAU-117 preload test as well as the enhanced AGM-65 preload test. This unique test capability enables enhanced troubleshooting of the Maverick missile system.


The MTS-3060A SmartCan Gen2 combines advanced measurement performance, compact size, cyber security, and ease-of-use to deliver the most advanced and effective flightline test set available.

Key Measurement Functions

  • AC / DC Voltage
  • Video generation
  • 2-Wire / 4-Wire Resistance
  • Discrete output / relay driver
  • Squib w/continuous monitoring and parametric testing


The SmartCan can generate the video signals required to simulate missile functions when testing AGM-65, delivering a more comprehensive test with troubleshooting capabilities.

Power Management

An innovative power management system allows operation of the SmartCan for over 40 hours, without the need to replace or recharge the AA batteries. This extended operation is achieved using sleep mode and by drawing power from the auxiliary mission equipment when available.  


The high resolution sunlight-readable LCD display, with multi-function keys, simplifies use, provides access to more functionality, and displays more test instructions and test information than any other O-Level test set.
MTS-3060A Failed TestMTS-3060A Passed Test

During tests, the display’s background color indicates test status with green denoting a passing test and red denoting a failed test sequence. The LCD can also display the actual test results of the last test run.

Weapons Emulation / Simulation

The MTS-3060A delivers exceptional measurement performance, far exceeding the capabilities of typical O-Level test sets. Certain weapons systems, specifically the newer “smart” weapons, will not activate the firing circuits unless a weapon is present and detected. With its weapons emulation capabilities, the SmartCan is the premier tool for smart weapons systems test, delivering a robust test with expanded fault coverage.

Weapons emulation / simulation features include:
  • RS-170 Video signals
  • Major functions of bombs and rockets for TER-9,
       and SUU-20
  • Audio signals including frequency sweep
       and Diamond Rotation
  • Major functions of legacy AIM-9L/M, AGM-65,
       Hellfire missiles and similar systems
  • Smart Weapons systems including JDAM, AMRAAM
       and AIM-9X for MIL-STD-1760 testing

Built-In-Test and Self-Test

The MTS-3060A SmartCan Gen2 incorporates a Built-In-Test (BIT) that provides verification of major circuit functionality. A comprehensive Self-Test, utilizing the supplied self-test adapter and cables, quickly verifies the MTS-3060A’s performance.

BIT and Self-Test can be performed at the flight line or at the back shop; no special external test equipment is required other than the self-test adapter.

Unrivaled Cybersecurity

Extensive cybersecurity features, both hardware and software, make this the most cyber secure O-Level test set available. The removable SD card is the only memory available; when removed, the SmartCan is effectively sanitized and contains no TPS code or saved test data.  External system access from other interfaces, such as USB drives, is not available.  

The ATEasy Test Executive and Development Environment, utilized for TPS development, is designed to comply with DOD Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements. Access control, user privileges, DLL encryption, data encryption, as well as other safeguards, ensure a secure, reliable operating platform.  


The MTS-3060A SmartCan™ Gen2 employs an innovative calibration technique that further simplifies maintenance and reduces scheduled down-time and associated logistics. Multiple NIST traceable, high-precision references have been incorporated into the design of the SmartCan; calibration status is then verified against these references on power-up.

The test set initiates an automated calibration procedure, when energized, that verifies the MTS-3060A's measurement and stimuli circuits against the built-in references. The references must be verified every (4) years using standard NIST traceable instrumentation. This can be performed in the field, eliminating the need to remove the SmartCan from the field, simplifying logistics and support required from metrology services.

Rugged Construction

The rugged construction of the SmartCan, when combined with the ability to operate in adverse weather conditions, enables field operation anywhere in the world making this the ultimate tool for flightline test. Additional protection has been included to minimize equipment damage due to shock and impact.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the SmartCan includes quick release straps to hang/secure the instrument during operation and protective non-metallic side guards to limit movement on angled surfaces.

Improved Adapters

The MTS-3060A supports legacy SERD 75060 and A/E241-199 adapters, but can also be supplied with new adapters and cables that deliver improved reliability at a cost-effective price point. The improved design relocates the majority of switching and load circuitry electronics onto the instrument, resulting in a streamlined adapter designed for increased reliability.

TPS Development

MTS-3060A Test Program Sets (TPSs) are developed using ATEasy® , MTS' award winning Test Executive and Integrated Development Suite. ATEasy is a full featured test development and test executive environment and provides all of the tools for developing, encrypting and loading test programs onto the MTS-3060A.

The SmartCan TPS development package, SmartCanEasy, provides customers with the ability to develop and integrate new test procedures and programs using the most cyber-secure environment available.


  • Flight line armament testing and troubleshooting
  • Flight line pre-load testing
  • Flight line avionics testing
  • Missile / weapon emulation / simulation
MTS-3060A adapters
SmartCan Gen2 Kit