Marvin Test Solutions’ Response to COVID-19:
The entire Marvin Test Solutions (MTS) Team is running at full speed as we begin 2021 and looking forward to connecting with you soon. Inspired by the way we have successfully mitigated the impact of Covid-19 on MTS, our Team has redoubled efforts... Read more...

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Adding Custom Commands to ATEasy Test Executive

Although the Test Executive included with ATEasy already provides a robust, feature-rich user interface w...

Cyber Security Features of ATEasy

ATEasy contains many native cybersecurity features to support secure test development

How to Support Multiple Languages User Interface in ATEasy

Article shows how to change the language for your ATEasy user interface (UI) by using an ATEasy DLL to im...

GXPRes (GX1164) Software

15 January 2021 2.3.1

GxPres (GX1164) Read Me

15 January 2021 2.3.1

GXCAL (GX1034) Software

13 January 2021 1.3.1

GXCAL (GX1034) change list

13 January 2021 1.3.1

TS-900e-5G Series

5G mmWave Production Test Systems

MTS-3060A SmartCan

SmartCan Gen2, Universal O-Level Armament Test Set

TS-960e Series

PXIe Semiconductor Test System with Timing per Pin Digital Subsystem

TS-322 Series

GENASYS Automotive Test System