Eddie A.
Lavergne, TN

Oct 13, 2011
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Re: Login.usr

Login holds onto previous locations for the .USR file instead of accepting new paths. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jason A.
Tucson, AZ

Apr 24, 2012
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Re: Login.usr

What it sounds like you are saying is that USR file path was changed by a user to the users homepath; once that happens other users are told they don't have acces to the file.  ATEasy allows the user to change the location if the original location of the USR file is located in a folder that the user has read permissions but does not have write permissions.  The default location of the USR file is the system32 folder for winXP.  We also encountered this.  What you need to do is change the file location to a folder that everyone has read/write permissions.  The option to change this is found in the ATEasy IDE.  Goto Tools -> Users.  When prompted for ATEasy login, use a "ATEasy" login that has Administrator privileges, if has never been setup before use the default, user = Administrator and password leave blank.  You are then presented with a Users options window.  At the bottom of this window you will see the current path set for the ATEasy.usr file.  In an explorer window copy the ATEasy.usr file to another location and then set the path in the User options window.

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