QCP-1553 Series

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1553 Avionics Interface 3U cPCI Card

  • One, two, or four MIL-STD-1553A/B Interfaces with full Error Injection and Detection
  • IRIG-B Time Code Receiver / Generator
  • Selectable direct or transformer coupling
  • Single or multi-function configurations
  • 3U cPCI Instrument (3U PXI compatible)


The QCP-1553 module is a rugged, reliable, full featured, Compact PCI module designed to provide a stand-alone, MIL-STD-1553A/B interface for avionics applications. Up to four independent dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 databus streams are supported by the 3U QCP-1553 module. Additionally, the module offers full functional test, simulation, monitoring and databus analyzer functions for MILSTD-1553A/B applications. An onboard IRIG-B time code decoder and generator allows users to accurately synchronize single or multiple QCP-1553 modules to a common time source. The QCP-1553 module is available in dual or full function (RT simulation, monitoring, and bus controller) configurations.


The QCP-1553's standard features include selectable transformer or direct coupling, 1 Mbyte of RAM per channel, 45-bit message timetagging, triggers, extensive BC & RT link-list structures, error injection/detection, avionics level discretes, automatic/manual RT Status Bit and Mode Code responses, along with advanced BC functionality. An IRIG-B signal Receiver/Generator supports DC / TTL signaling for the generator and AM or DC/TTL signaling for the receiver. With the highest speed encoder/decoder in the industry, the QCP-1553 Bus Monitor provides unparalleled error detection and 100% monitoring of a fully loaded buses.

QCP-1553 multi-function interfaces are easily configured to operate as a simultaneously as a Bus Controller, 31 Remote Terminals and as a Bus Monitor. Single-function QCP-1553 interfaces have all the features and functionality of the multi-function versions, but only one major operational mode is enabled at a time. Each interface can emulate either a Bus Controller or 31 Remote Terminals or a Bus Monitor.

Bus Controller Features

  • Programmable control over:
      - Major and minor frame content and timing
      - Intermessage gap times
      - Response time-out and late response
      - Multiple BC retry
  • Modify messages, data or setup while card is running
  • Insert aperiodic messages into a running BC list
  • “Oneshot“ mode for simplified BC operation
  • Conditional message sequencing based on real-time message data or status
  • Selectable interrupt generation and status messages on a full range of system conditions or all detected errors
  • Full error detection:
      - Invalid word
      - Late response
      - Bit count error
      - Early response
      - High word
      - No response
      - Low word
      - Incorrect RT address
      - Inverted sync
      - Parity error
      - Manchester error
  • Extensive programmable error injections (on a per word basis)
  • Synchronize BC operation to an external time source

Remote Terminal Features

  • Multiple RT simulation (up to 31 RTs)
  • Programmable error injection (on a per word basis)
  • Modify data, status words or setup while card is running
  • Programmable message content (linked message buffers)
  • Interrupts can be generated on a per message basis upon
  • End of Message and error conditions
  • RT Map Monitoring

Bus Monitor Features

  • Capture 100% fully loaded bus traffic with:
      - Time-tagging - Error status
      - Word status - Message status
      - RT response time
  • Interrupts can be selected by RT / SA / WC
  • Extensive filtering and triggering options:
      - By individual RT/subaddress
      - Transmit, receive or broadcast mode codes
      - Internal or external triggering
      - Trigger output on user specified data
  • Real-time bus playback with RT edit mode


The QCP-1553 module is supplied with an API for Windows 9x-Windows 7, Linux, VxWorks. An ATEasy driver, sample code, high level C and C++ interface libraries, and documentation is also provided.


  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • LRU and SRU test
  • System level test