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Adam Wells

Jan 21, 2021

Robust Construction, Built for Combat

Have you ever wondered if the engineer who designed a system to be utilized on a military flightline has in fact, ever been on a flightline? I know I have, from installing difficult gun systems on fighter aircraft to using Vietnam-era support equipment on fifth generation aircraft, I’ve wondered “Who designed this?” The same can be said for test sets. The truth is, many test sets which are employed on flightlines around the world made me cringe at the thought of having to use them.  Read more...

Adam Wells

Nov 17, 2020

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Speed – Speed – Speed, Test Results at the Speed of Operations

What if you learned it takes nearly three hours to complete one F-16 armament scheduled functional check? Then what if you learned approximately 30,000 man hours are used to complete all F-16 armament schedule maintenance testing each year? Now what if I told you this could be slashed to just 7,000 hours annually, which is over a 75% man hour reduction?  Read more...

Jon Semancik

Oct 28, 2020

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5G / mmWave 53 GHz Production Test Performance

mmWave beamforming devices are essential for implementing phased array and mmWave antennas, and with the emergence of 5G networks the demand for these devices continues to grow.  Production test of these devices has been both complicated and slow, especially with the emergence of multi-port beamforming devices (5, 9 and even 17 mmWave ports) designed for 5G NR networks.   Read more...

Adam Wells

Jul 25, 2020

Emulation Testing, Be the Munitions

When you hear simulation, emulation, or real-device-testing does it mean anything, or are they just fancy engineering terms? Well, the fact is these terms have meaning which can greatly affect your test result outcomes within a digital environment, and create a large test gap.  Read more...

Adam Wells

May 20, 2020

The Challenges of Fighter Armament Testing

Testing today’s fighter aircraft weapons digital communication systems is challenging, but when attempted by non-proficient and ill-equipped maintainers the task becomes nearly impossible. Two major challenges will be examined which are being faced by many units operating fighter aircraft with Smart (digital) munitions.   Read more...