New Product
TS-900e-5G Series

5G mmWave Semiconductor Production Test Systems

  • 53 GHz VNA RF test performance
  • 5G mmWave production test and characterization
  • Up to 20 independent RF VNA ports for parallel, multi-site test
  • Compatible receiver interface for wafer probers and device handlers
  • DC, Parametric and RF test capabilities
  • ATEasy® Integrated Test Executive / Development Environment
  • ICEasy Semiconductor Test Suite


GENASYS Semiconductor 5G mmWave test systems deliver 53 GHz VNA RF test capabilities to the device under test (DUT). Capable of supporting up to 20 independent VNA ports, these systems are ideal for applications requiring parallel, multi-site test capabilities.

Keysight Technologies modular vector network analyzers (VNAs) are at the heart of the TS-900e-5G, delivering exceptional RF measurement performance and repeatability. They deliver unmatched phase and amplitude measurement accuracy across the entire band of interest, eliminating test band gaps found with some instruments, a critical requirement for comprehensive testing of mmWave semiconductor devices.

The Keysight M9807A (44 GHz) and M9808A (53 GHz) PXIe VNA instruments are the ideal VNA solution delivering modularity, speed and accuracy in a true multi-port instrument, sharing the same measurement science as PNA-X instrumentation.  Instrumentation based on a common measurement science simplifies the transition from the laboratory to the production floor, and the modular architecture provides a clearly defined path to upgrade both channel count and frequency.

Complete system-level calibration is implemented to remove signal path errors, including interconnect points such as cables, connectors, blind mate interfaces, and load board error sources such as board traces and sockets, from the test results.  A multi-step process to isolate the device under test (DUT) utilizes the industry standard practice of fixture de-embedding with verification coupons.  Fixture de-embedding is the most accurate calibration approach, but other methods such as Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) are also available to extract S-parameters from an open fixture.

Ideally suited for any production environment, the high performance receiver interface supports both packaged or wafer test and characterization of mmWave semiconductor devices. The receiver interface is compatible with the Opus 3 and TEL probe stations, as well as the Seiko Epson E8040 and E8080 device handlers. Reid-Ashman OM-1069 and inTest manipulators are also supported.
TS-900e-5G Test System

TS-900e-5G Test System with manipulator

Compact footprint, reduced power consumption and standard air cooling further contribute to the overall lower cost of ownership and reduced carbon footprint of these test systems.  

Test system startup and commissioning is significantly reduced, a critical concern when transitioning to outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) facilities.  Typical installation and start-up time, including execution of complete system level self-test, is typically accomplished in less than one hour.  


The base system includes Keysight VNA instrumentation, dynamic and static digital I/O, multi-channel SMU power supply, and system self-test with fixture. Additional expansion slots are also available.

The core system components include the following test resources and functionality:
  • VNA Instrumentation (Keysight M9807A / M9808A)
  • GX3104 4-Channel SMU
  • GX5295 64-Channel Dynamic Digital I/O with per pin PMU
  • GX5733 64-Channel Static Digital I/O
  • GX7200 21-Slot, high-power PXI Express chassis
  • RF pogo-pin blind-mate receiver interface
  • Embedded i7, quad core controller with Windows®10 OS
  • ATEasy test executive and programming environment
  • DIOEasy digital waveform editing and display tools
  • ICEasy test software development tools

Chassis Controller

The TS-900e-5G Series features the new GX7950 mini-Computer / Thunderbolt Controller Series (also available on GX7201 and GX7206).  This state-of-the-art mini-PC delivers exceptional performance and flexibility with rear panel access to all peripheral interface connections, as well as access for maintenance and upgrades.  


The test system is supplied with ATEasy and all instrument drivers, virtual instrument panels, and a system self-test. optional in system calibration, as well as ICEasy test software tools which facilitates device test development and characterization such as I-V curve and Shmoo plot tools for analyzing device DC and AC characteristics..

SemiEasy - a production user interface is also provided supporting interface to Handlers, Binning, STDF file generation, Multi-Sockets/DUTs Parallel testing, and more.

ATEasy® Test Executive and Software Development Studio is a comprehensive software development environment featuring a customizable test executive for execution, sequencing, fault analysis and debugging. It is pre-configured with all required instrument drivers, virtual instrument panels, and system selftest to simply startup and software development activities.


  • mmWave packaged and wafer device test / characterization
  • Pilot production and focused production test
  • Automated failure analysis and test