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How are maintainers to ensure that laser or heat seeking munitions, such as laser JDAM, Paveway or Sidewinder, will be able to successfully pick up the target? <Read More>Currently, the process is the munitions technician tests the laser munition with a ground test set (normally CMBRE) for basic functionality and BIT. The aircraft armament technician then tests the aircraft interface using their version of ground support equipment, again for basic electrical functionality. However, during these operations the all-important seeker heads, intended to identify and track to a laser or heat source, are never tested. They should be.

The identification of a bad seeker head is then left to be determined during in-flight operation, which can only occur using an aircraft laser targeting POD or ground troops lasing the target. As one can imagine, this is normally accomplished when on target and needing to release the weapon. For the troops in harm’s way, this is not the time to discover the munition’s seeker head has malfunctioned.

Fortunately for maintenance organizations, Marvin Test Solutions once again saw this need and developed a product line for not just laser munitions, but also heat seeking, or Infrared (IR), munitions such as AIM-9L/M.

The MT1888 – Laser Source Simulator is handheld and eye safe, supporting Hellfire & Hellfire II missiles, Paveway, laser JDAM/SDM and the AGM-65E Laser Maverick missile. The MT1888 is field programmable and uses thumbwheel switches to select any PRF code. As a hand-held LSS, the MT1888 can be used in the field (O-level) or in the shop to exercise laser seekers, simulating the laser return of a lased target.

The MT1812 IR Target Simulator is an IR Torch used for testing a wide range of IR guided munitions including the AIM-9, AGM-65, IRIS-T and many others. Handheld, lightweight and battery operated, the MT1812 target simulator is an easy to operate IR guided munitions maintenance tool used to check the operational readiness of IR seekers. Ideal for use in the field (O-level) or in the shop (I-Level), the MT1812 simulates the heat source of targets and provides maintenance personnel with a tool to quickly test and verify the tracking capabilities of the specific munition.

Why wait for the moment the operator needs to release the weapon to save his life or the lives of ground forces to determine if IR or Laser munitions will function? Untested systems are capabilities for our enemy to exploit; take the uncertainty out of your high value missions – test the seeker head before BOOM!