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Have you ever wondered if the engineer who designed a system to be utilized on a military flightline has in fact, ever been on a flightline? I know I have, from installing difficult gun systems on fighter aircraft to using Vietnam-era support equipment on fifth generation aircraft, I’ve wondered “Who designed this?” The same can be said for test sets. The truth is, many test sets which are employed on flightlines around the world made me cringe at the thought of having to use them.

For example, some of the test sets employed on US bases use CAT5 cable, which if anyone has ever worked with it, they know these cables can barely handle busy office environments, much less a rigorous flightline. Then there are test sets comprised of so many items you need a truck just to transport it all. And of course, cables which are so long and heavy they can become damaged under their own weight when installed on high stations, circuit cards used without any surge protection, displays unreadable in sunlight, test sets which can’t get wet, and circular cases which roll off tool boxes.

The list goes on and on.

Just once it would be nice to find support equipment designed with the maintainer in mind! I think I can confidently say Marvin Test Solutions has done just this. With a team of 60+ years’ combined active duty and more than 30 years’ experience working with militaries around the world, Marvin Test Solutions is 100% focused on just that. In fact the Marvin Test Solutions motto is “We Make Test Easy™”. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to learn. These test sets are designed with maintainers, for maintainers, to endure maintainers.