Company Profile

As an aerospace Test & Measurement supplier, MTS understands the long-term availability and support requirements of military and aerospace programs and help us deliver products and solutions that satisfy the long-term life-cycle requirements of our customers.

Supporting our customers is a primary goal for MTS. Our dedication, expertise, responsiveness, and long-term availability and maintainability are all part of our customer-first philosophy. As a premier aerospace firm, we recognize that support is a long-term commitment and includes obsolescence and diminished manufacturing sources management, which provides our customers with unrivaled long-term support for all of our products and test solutions.

Unlike other suppliers, MTS does not discontinue products after a few short years. Our goal is to quickly deliver full-spectrum, successful test solutions - making test, maintenance, and sustainment of the most mission-critical systems easier and faster - so, we have made the simple yet invaluable decision to continue producing and supporting our products decades into the future.

All PXI instruments introduced by MTS since 1999 are still available today, while the typical life-cycle of PXI products from other manufacturers is only 3-5 years. MTS still supports our customers and delivers spares and engineering support for test solutions deployed over 25 years ago, providing unprecedented peace of mind to our customers worldwide.

ATEasy Test Executive and Development Studio, first introduced in 1991, continues to lead the industry in features and performance. Version 10 is the current release and it also illustrates our commitment to unrivaled long-term support which includes backwards compatibility with all prior versions. Sustained development activities continue to push the boundaries in test development software incorporating advanced cybersecurity and support for multiple operating systems.

Customers also rely on MTS to help manage and extend the life of legacy ATE systems without costly test program set (TPS) re-hosting and requalification. MTS has established a reputation for being the 100% Form, Fit, Function (FFF) drop-in replacement experts. By delivering drop-in replacements for complex instrumentation including signal sources, synthesizers, pulse generators and arbitrary waveform generators, and drop-in replacement subsystems for complex ATE systems, MTS extends test system service life through our commitment to unrivaled long-term support.