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Q-001 Certification

  1. Components and Materials
    A document certifying compliance to MTS’ Purchase Order requirements shall accompany each shipment. The certification shall state that the material provided complies with all requirements listed on the P.O.
  2. Supplies
    1. For any supply used in the manufacture of shippable product (i.e. solder, flux, adhesives, shrink tubing, packaging, cleaners, etc.), a document certifying compliance to MTS’ Purchase Order requirements shall accompany each shipment.
    2. For any supply not used in the manufacture of shippable product (i.e. office supplies, facility supplies, maintenance supplies, etc.), a packing list, invoice, or similar document shall accompany each shipment.
  3. Calibrated Equipment
    A document certifying calibration to MTS’ Purchase Order requirements shall be made available each calibrated item. The certification shall state that the calibration complies with all requirements listed on the P.O. and shall include the calibration Standard or Standards utilized (i.e. ANSI Z540.1, ANSI Z540-3, ISO 17025, etc.).
  4. Services
    A document certifying that the specified service(s) to MTS’ Purchase Order Line Item(s) requirements shall be made available after the conclusion of the service for all listed Line Items. A single certification, test report, or similar document suitable to the service(s) performed shall state that the provided service(s) complies with all Line Item(s) requirements listed on the P.O.

Q-002 Counterfeit Parts Mitigation: (Electronic Components)

  1. Materials supplied against this order require that the supplier maintain a Counterfeit Parts Mitigation program that is in compliance to AS5553, Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronics Parts, Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition and with IDEA-STD-1010 Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market
  2. Suppliers are requested to supply OCM original certificate of authenticity with each shipment. When requested, Seller shall also be capable of providing supply chain traceability consisting of the name and location of all supply chain intermediaries from the part manufacture to the direct source of the product.
  3. Where a supplier is unable to provide OCM certificate or evidence of acquisition supply chain traceability, then the risk mitigation actions as outlined below will apply:
    • Inspection and tests shall be conducted per Appendix E of the AS5553 standard. A report summarizing completion of these efforts shall be furnished for each affected lot of material. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the items being returned for non-compliance to P.O requirements.
  4. Seller agrees that MTS reserves the right to come on-site at seller’s facility in validation of their QMS system and Counterfeit Parts Mitigation program.
  5. If suspect / counterfeit parts are furnished under this P.O and are found in any goods delivered, such items will be impounded by MTS. The seller shall promptly replace such items with parts acceptable to MTS, and the seller shall be liable for all costs relating to the removal and replacement of said parts.
  6. Seller understands that they may be liable for costs associated with provisions of fraudulent / counterfeit product. Furthermore buyer is not obligated to return suspect or confirmed fraudulent / counterfeit product.

Q-003 On Time Delivery

  1. On Time Delivery is measured as no earlier than seven (7) calendar days, and three (3) calendar days after the contractual on-dock due date noted in the Purchase Order.

Q-004 Conflict Materials

  1. Seller acknowledges and accepts MTS issued Purchase order signifying that seller is aware of and is in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act /formally known as Public Law 111-203, HR 4173 section 1502, that addresses & prohibits the use of Conflict Minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. Furthermore, seller acknowledges that its First Tier suppliers are aware and in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act and that seller has made provisions to maintain records of this fact. If requested, seller agrees to make this information available to MTS.

Q-005 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

  1. A First Article Inspect Report (FAIR) shall be provided performed on a representative part delivered in the current shipment. It is suggested that the FAIR be documented on an AS9102 or similar form and shall contain a ballooned drawing to meet the requirements listed on AS9102 Form 3. The usage of the actual AS9102 form may be made a mandatory requirement of the Purchase Order when documented on the supplied Purchase Order. Failure to provide the appropriate FAIR, failure to use the appropriate form, or failure to meet product specifications shall be cause for rejection.

Q-006 BAE Systems Quality Clause 186

  1. The BAE Systems Quality Clauses are located in the BAE Systems’ Supplier Center .
  2. Once in the Supplier Center, select the link for the latest revision of the Quality Assurance Requirements and search for clause 186.

Q-007 Leonardo Helicopters Quality Assurance Requirements

  1. The following Quality Assurance Requirements from Leonardo Helicopters are flowed down to the supplier and made a part of this Purchase Order.

Q-008 Updated COVID Vaccine Guidance for Subcontractors and Suppliers

  1. Click the UPDATED COVID Vaccine Guidance for Subcontractors and Suppliers link to view the document on the user's computer.