How to Redim an Array That Represents a Field Of a Structure?
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John K.

Sep 26, 2011
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How to redim an array that represents a field of a structure?

Hi there! I'm willing to redim an array of bytes that is a field of a structure with some other fields. But I can't! Let's say the structure is DiscStruct and I use the following command to redim the field abData[1]: ReDim DiscStruct.abData [20]. But no use! The compiler doesn't return any error but the array's dimension remains unchanged! How come? Can anyone please tell me where am I wrong?

DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Sep 26, 2011
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Re: How to redim an array that represents a field of a structure?

Structure has a fixed size that cannot be changed (similar to C++). You can define the structure member/field as a variant type:

    vr : variant  ! will hold the array

stA: structA
al : long[1]

! initialize as array field with one element

! assign a value to the array
print  stA.vr[0]

! redim to 100 elements
redim al[100]
al=stA.vr ! preserve the values
stA.vr=al  ! will set the variant to hold 100 elements

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