Run-time Error #464
Michael S.
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Mar 13, 2014
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Run-time error #464


I’ve have three programs in my project: Program1.pgt, Program2.pgt and Program3.pgt

The code below is all in a system.

I select a program using a list box (lbPrograms). The list box is populated with:

for iProgram = 0 to App.ProgramsCount-1

Program to run is selected with:

for iProgramNumber = 0 to (m_frmTestManagerLoad.lbPrograms.ListCount()-1)
    if m_frmTestManagerLoad.lbPrograms.Selected(iProgramNumber) then
        m_vProgram = iProgramNumber

Tasks from selected program put into list box (lbTasks) so I can select what to run:

appPrograms = App.Programs(m_vProgram)

for iTask = 0 to appPrograms.TestsCount - 1
    atTask = appPrograms.Tests(iTask)

I select a task and press the start button

Start button calls procedure RunTasks()

appPrograms = App.Programs(m_vProgram)

! only run tasks that have been selected by the operator in list box lbTasks
for iTaskNumber = m_iTaskNumber to (m_frmTestManager.lbTasks.ListCount() - 1)
    ! increment m_iTaskNumber so when RunTask() called again by OnEndTask() we move to the next task
    m_iTaskNumber = m_iTaskNumber + 1
    if m_frmTestManager.lbTasks.Selected(iTaskNumber) then
        atTask = appPrograms.Tests(iTaskNumber)
        Task atTask.Id ! Run-time error generated here

Selecting Program1 (m_vProgram = 0) and tasks run correctly,
however selecting Program2 (m_vProgram = 1) and atTask.Id generates the following error:
“Run-time error #464 : 'No Task or Test with given number' found in 'TestManager.RunTasks' in line 9”

atTask.Id returns the correct value that was assigned to it in the IDE.

What have I missed?


Solution Available
DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Mar 13, 2014
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Re: Run-time error #464

This will not work.
You need to:

1. First run the program using the RUN statement.
2. In the OnInitProgram() event, you need to jump to the task (cash it to a global variable) using the TASK statement.

Michael S.
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Mar 14, 2014
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Re: Run-time error #464

Thanks DrATEasy!

I changed my code so:

Start button executes Run App.Programs(m_vProgram)

OnInitProgram() calls first iteration of RunTasks()

I can now select and run programs from a list

Thanks again

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