ATEasy driver for the Tektronix TDS30xxB family DSOs
Zvi S.
Tustin, CA

Jan 5, 2009
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ATEasy driver for the Tektronix TDS30xxB family DSOs

This driver assumes GPIB interface in place.

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DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

May 6, 2013
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Re: ATEasy driver for the Tektronix TDS30xxB family DSOs

The driver had two issues:

1.    TDS3000B.drv contains syntax error in MeasureBetweenCursorsVert() IOTable (have not checked the rest of the commands) :
Output command should be CURS:VBA:DELT? Instead of CURS:VBA:HDELT?

2.    After received invalid command, Tek scope no longer returns command responses (commands are still processed but no responses were returned). To fix this problem USBTMC_INITIATE_CLEAR command must be send to the scope to clear any pending output buffer. This fixed has been included in ATEasy and will be available with the next release of ATEasy, to work-around the problem for now, add the following code to OnError() event handler of TDS3000B.drv :

! clear USBTMC output buffer after received IoTable receive run-time error #378 due to invalid command was send to the scope
if Driver.InterfaceType=aioUsb AND GetErrorNum()=378
    UsbStandardControlRequest(Driver.InterfaceInfo(adriverInfoAddress), aUsbTmcInitiateClear, 0, 0)

attached is the new driver.

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