RS 232 Issue
Raz A.

Dec 9, 2018
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RS 232 issue

I am using ATEasy 7 142g in Windows 7.

I have a zap power supply module that i am communicating with RS232.

The weird thing is, that if i open HyperTerminal and send the device commands and try to receive result - all works fine.
BUT when send the same commands in ATEasy and try to read results (and VERIFICATED it using the "monitor" feature), the zap module starts to send endless jibrish until i restart it (unplug it).

All the channel configurations are the same (baud rate etc...)

The set of commands that work in hyperterminal but not in ATEasy:


The result incase of HyperTerminal is `:RM1;`

Incase of ATEasy the result is just jibrish until device restart.

What can be the reason?

Paul T.
Maennedorf, Zurich

Dec 9, 2018
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Re: RS 232 issue

Hi Raz,

I remember having the same trouble like you have, about 8 years ago, with the same ATEasy 7 and ZUP series Power Supply.
From what I recall, there is a checkbox called "Disable Com Early Return" or something like that, and I had to tick this checkbox in order to have the complete answer received from the ZUP power supply.
This setting/checkbox is in the Properties dialog of the driver file shortcut or driver file itself.
Without this setting, somehow the communication was interrupted just when some characters were received, and the PC could not recognize the data properly...
Also, remember to ComFlush() before you initiate new communication with the device.
I hope this helps you.

Best regards,

Raz A.

Dec 9, 2018
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Re: RS 232 issue

I found the "disable com early return" , but as a paramater to comsend and comreceive functions and not as a checkbox.

I acttualy want it as a checkbox.
Can you try to remember where it was?

Jason D.
Irvine, CA

Dec 10, 2018
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Re: RS 232 issue

Hi Raz,

The button you are likely referring to is on the properties page of the IO Table operation "Receive".
Let me know if that resolves your issue.

If not, can you supply me a link to the programming manual for this device?


Solution Available
Raz A.

Dec 19, 2018
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Re: RS 232 issue

Hi all,

In the end, the problem was entirly something else:

Noise from a motor cable was injected into the ZUP communication cable.

So everytime the motor was activated - the ZUP module com channel went crazy!

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