ATEasy 8.0 problem

Miroslaw M.
Kwidzyn, Polska

Jun 9, 2011
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Re: ATEasy 8.0 problem

Hello . I have problem with me aplication . I use ATEasy 8.0 and Win7 .
During first start of program everything is Ok but during second and next start only first task is execcted .
What can be the reason for such behavior .


Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Jun 10, 2011
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Re: ATEasy 8.0 problem

Hi Mirek,

You could try performing a reinstallation of ATEasy or update to the latest version available on the website to ensure that any core files such as the Test Executive driver, TestExec.drv, have not been altered.  If that doesn't work, tell me more about your application.  Are you using the Test Executive?  Does your program alter any of the conditions of the driver such as setting Loop on Task, Loop on Test?  Does your program utilize the unconditional branching statements to jump to a specific Task?  

Can you possibly upload your zipped project files so I could take a look at the issue?

Victor Brode

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